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Wool Stop KOALA

5,5 for every ball

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5,5 for every ball

Koala skein of Lanas Stop faux fur hair

Koala de Lanas Stop

It is a ball of long hair imitation leather, ideal for jackets, coats, and accessories. It is a ball of wool with a lot of hair ideal for bullfights and stoles. It is a ball suitable for cuffs, neck and bottoms of a cardigan or sweater, you have several colors and another type of wool with different softness and finishing to the touch. Wool with hair for greater softness in 97% rayon, soft touch and ideal for necks and cuffs of cardigans and sweaters for a very glamorous touch.

The composition of Koala de Lanas Stop is:

Rayon 97% Polyamide 3% A polyamide is a type of polymer that contains amide bonds. Polyamides can be found in nature, such as wool or silk, and also be synthetic, such as nylon or Kevlar. The first polyamides were synthesized by the chemical company DuPont Corporation, by the team led by the chemist Wallace Hume Carothers, who started working at the firm in 1928. Polyamides such as nylon began to be used as synthetic fibers, although they have ended up being used in the manufacture of any plastic material. Aramides are a type of polyamide in which there are aromatic groups forming part of its structure. For example, fibers are very resistant to traction like Kevlar, or fibers also very resistant to fire, such as Nomex, both marketed by DuPont.

The Koala characteristics of Lanas Stop are:

Each ball of Koala weighs 50 grams and has a length of 44m. This quality is worked with knitting needles from 8 - 9 and are in various colors. Dry wash at temperatures not too high, avoid twisting when you go to lay them horizontally and the iron is not too hot. For a stole you will need from 4 balls. It is a wool suitable for machine washing at a maximum of 30ºC. It is suitable for low temperature ironing. The use of the dryer is not recommended. Drying is recommended on a horizontal surface.Stop Koala Yarn skein of long hair fake leather , ideal for jackets, coats, and accessories

50 Grams Rayon 97 % Polyamide 3 % Needles 8-9

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