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Wool Stop MODENA

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5 for every ball

Modena wool Stop wire mesh trapillo

Modena de lanas Stop

It is a ball of mesh thread to weave as if it were a trapillo. It is a net spinning for accessories, bags, scarves, hats. It is a net spinning to make garments complements. The acrylic fibers form a maya and when weaving creates a nice frill effect. A skein is used for a scarf. Modena de wool Stop offers us this yarn mottled with a mixture of multicolored tones to make fun and colorful garments. It is a ball of stamped ruffles ideal for making scarves and collars. With a single ball you can weave a nice scarf of ruffles. It is also ideal for the ruffles of the gypsy costume, it will be spectacular.

The Modena composition of Stop wools is:

Viscose 100% - Rayon was the first fiber manufactured; It is produced from a polymer found in nature (cellulose). In 1924 the name "rayon" was adopted, being known in Europe also by the name of "viscose". Rayon is a very versatile fiber and has the same properties in terms of comfort of use as other natural fibers and can imitate the feel of silk, wool, cotton or linen. The fibers can be easily dyed in other colors such as red. Rayon fabrics are soft, light, cool, comfortable and very absorbent, but do not insulate the body, allowing perspiration. Therefore, they are ideal for hot and humid climates.2 According to their presentation, a distinction is made between the so-called filament rayon and the short fiber viscose. When burned, this type of fiber gives off a burning paper smell that is characteristic of cellulose-based fibers. A very soft and light composition, with a very beautiful fall.

The Modena characteristics of Stop wools are:

Each ball contains 100 grams of weight and 70 meters in length. You can work with Needles of 9 - 10 knit or Crochet of nº 10. It can be machine washed up to 40ºC maximum. It can be dried on a horizontal surface so that the garment will not fall down. It is suitable for ironing up to 110ºC. It is advisable to steam iron. With a single ball you can weave a nice scarf of ruffles. It is also ideal for the ruffles of the gypsy costume, it will be spectacular. Mixture of acrylic fibers forming a maya that creates a nice frill effect when knitting. A skein is used for a scarf, neck or finish. Modena de lana Stop ball of frills with glitter ideal for scarves and scarves.Modena wool Stop ball of wire mesh weaving as if trapillo

100 grams Viscose 100 % Needles 9-10 meters 70

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