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Wool Stop NEREA

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2,7 for every ball

Nerea wool braided silk Stop

Nerea of ??wool Stop

It is a braided silk ball ideal for parties. It is a ball of fine silk, bright and with much fall ideal for crochet shawls. It is a silky shiny yarn ideal for making summer garments in knitting or crochet needles. Ball of silk yarn to make crochet or knit shirts as beautiful as shawls, beaks or jerseys for the summer. It is a quality that will bring freshness and lightness, since it has a great fall and is very elegant in movement. The Nerea wool yarn Stop is ideal for garments that you will use in the summer months for its sensation of freshness and comfort. It is a suitable thread for the summer season, get that feeling of freshness and comfort with totally original and unique clothing.

The composition of Nerea de lanas Stop is:

Acrylic 50% 50% polyester The spinning is ideal for the summer season, get that feeling of freshness and comfort with totally original and unique garments. They are obtained from products manufactured by humans, they are entirely chemical. The first synthetic fibers were classified by the way they were obtained. By polycondensation: polyamide as Nylon, Perlon, Enkalon, PET as Mylar, Melinex and polyester as Tergal, Terlenka, Terylene, Trevira, Dacron. Synthetic fibers. They are obtained by synthesis of various petroleum products such as polyester, nylon or spandex, that is, this fiber is entirely chemical, and both the processing of the raw material and the manufacture of the strand or filament, are products of man.

The Nerea characteristics of Stop wools are:

They are balls of a weight 50 g and a length of 150 m. You can work with 4,5 - 5 knitting needles or knitting no. 3,5. For a size 40 long sleeve jerseys you will need about 7 balls. It can be washed in the washing machine at not very high temperatures. They should be laid on a horizontal surface so that the garment does not spoil. Iron at not very high temperature.Stop Nerea wool braided silk pendas ideal for holiday

50 Grams 50 % Acrylic 50 % Polyester Needle 4.5 - 5

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