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Wool Stop ROCK

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6,9 for every ball

Stop Rock Wool chain fancy yarn

Lanas Stop Rock

It is a thread of fantasy with chains for ornaments and accessories. They are a ball of string in metallic tones, to weave as applications in your clothes, and accessories, giving them a different and sophisticated air. It is a ball of chains in metal tones of different shapes to weave into garments and accessories.  To decorate your party clothes, your bags, or as a complement to your dresses.

The composition of Lanas Stop Rock is:

80% Metallic 20% Polyester On the side, it has eyelets of thread so that it can be woven together with a thread as an ornament or lace. Lanas Stop Rock ball of chain in different shapes to weave into garments and accessories.

The characteristics of the ball Lanas Stop Rock are:

: Each ball contains 15 grams of weight and 7 meters in length. You can knit with needles 4 - 5 knit on the side. With a ball you can adorn a garment or a bag, or use it for your accessories. Washing in the washing machine is not recommended. It is advised to wash by hand. Do not use the dryer, better dry on a horizontal surface.Stop Rock wool fancy yarn with chains for decorations and accessories

15 Grams Metallic 80% Polyester 20 % 7 Meters

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