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3 for every ball

Colibri Valeria di Roma Ball soft pelito

Colibri of Valeria di Roma

It is a ball of soft hair ideal for knitting fluffy baby clothes and small children. A spinning with a very silky touch due to its fine and soft strands. Its strand contains soft strands that will warm children and babies in a pleasant way. Its velvety touch provided by the fine fibrils that come out of its strand, offer a very silky touch that will accommodate the little ones comfortably. This type of threads are fully designed to weave garments for baby and newborn, such as bootees, hats, babydolls, sweaters, cardigans, frocks, dresses and all kinds of garments, accessories or decoration accessories for baptisms or communions. It is ideal for knitting fabulous ornaments and lace to decorate your baby's clothes.

The composition of the thread Valeria di Roma Colibrí is:

80% dralon® Acrylic 20% Polyamide. Synthetic fiber is a textile fiber that comes from various petroleum products, artificial fibers are not synthetic, they come from natural materials, basically cellulose. Sometimes the term "chemical fibers" is used to refer to artificial and synthetic fibers as a whole, as opposed to natural fibers. These fibers make up a loving wool, to shelter the little ones with delicacy and softness. The dralon® treatment makes it a hypoallergenic wool, which avoids allergies, irritations and itching in sensitive skins. It provides a higher quality and makes it a much more resistant wool, which will last maintaining its quality without forming pellets and lint in the fabric.

The characteristics of Colibrí de Valeria di Roma are:

Each ball contains 50 grams of weight and 250 meters of length. It can be knitted with 2.5 - 3 mm knitting needles or with a 2.5 mm crochet hook. To knit a newborn baby sweater, you need 1 ball. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 25 points and work 32 laps. It is a wool suitable for machine washing at a maximum of 30ºC. It is not suitable for ironing. Machine drying is not recommended. Horizontal drying is recommended. It is made in Spain.It is perfect for basket work and keep warm newborns and babies, with projects such as bootees, hats, blankets and more. Hummingbird by Valeria di Roma is a very soft and silky woolColibri Valeria di Roma pelito soft ball of knitting vaporous ideal for baby clothes and toddler

50 grams, 80% Acrylic, 20% Nylon, Needles 2.5 to 3, Crochet 2.5, 250 Meters

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