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Wool Valeria di Roma ARLEQUIN

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2,5 for every ball

Valeria di Roma Arlequin ball tricolor Lana

Arlequin by Valeria di Roma

It is a ball of tricolor wool with a very appropriate color, a mottled wool with a mixture of three different colors, which will provide small colored pouches in the fabric for a medium-sized jersey or knight jacket for needles of 7 - 8. This wool is ideal for knitting garments, accessories or accessories very colorful and original, with mixtures of three different shades of the same color range.

The Arlequin wool composition of Valeria Di Roma is:

100% Acrylic. Acrylic yarn is made from artificial fiber. This synthetic fiber, as is commonly known by us, is used in the production of bulky (bulky) fabrics, which can be washed and dried very easily. Acrylic fiber provides excellent quality fabrics that require very little care. In addition, they perfectly maintain the shape and are very resistant and durable. Despite being acrylic, its finish is pleasant, very similar to that of natural wool.

The characteristics of Valeria Di Roma Arlequin wool are:

Each ball contains 100 grams of weight and 115 meters of length. Its thickness is ideal for working with 7 - 8 mm knitting needles. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 12 points and work 15 laps. It is suitable for machine washing, with water up to 30ºC maximum. It is not suitable for dryer or iron. It is recommended to dry on a horizontal surface. Steam ironing is amenable. Its high thickness will provide warm and warm garments for autumn - winter, in a mixture of very original colors that you will love. Arlequin by Valeria Di Roma is a mottled wool that contains three different colors in its strand, three yarns that form a small degradation in its strand. This will bring your clothes woven with this wool a different touch very original, with many small pouches in the fabric.Arlequin Valeria di Roma skein of wool with colorful tricolor very suitable for gentleman sweater or jacket for moderately thick needles 7-8

100 grams, 100% acrylic, Needles 7-8, Crochet 7 115 Meters

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