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Wool Valeria di Roma STARWASHI

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2,8 for every ball

Starwashi de Valeria Wool amigurimis of the home

Lanas Valeria di Roma Starwashi

Wool Valeria di Roma Starwashi special spinning ball for knitting amigurimis of household utensils, such as sponges, kitchen towels and Christmas decoration. Lanas Valeria di Roma Starwashi is a wool specially created to weave bath sponges, mittens and other hygiene accessories. It offers unique and very original results that you can use for daily use to decorate the home. Lanas Valeria di Roma Starwashi is an innovative wool, totally different from the others. These balls are used to weave bath sponges, mittens and even household scouring pads for cleaning. It is ideal for knitting sponges in different ways; with the shape of a heart, a star, balls, triangles or any other shape that you wish to bring. In this way you will have original accessories for your bathroom.

The composition of Lanas Valeria di Roma Starwashi is:

100% polyester This fiber is treated to hold a temperature of up to 60ºC in perfect condition. You can use it in your bathroom without any problem. Synthetic fiber is a textile fiber that comes from various petroleum products, artificial fibers are not synthetic, they come from natural materials, basically cellulose. Sometimes the term "chemical fibers" is used to refer to artificial and synthetic fibers as a whole, as opposed to natural fibers. Thus, synthetic fibers are entirely chemical: both the synthesis of the raw material and the manufacture of the strand or filament are products of the human being. With the appearance and development of synthetic fibers, the textile industry has obtained yarns that satisfy the demand posed by new weaving techniques and consumers. The touch provided is rough, which allows excellent hygiene in any use.

The characteristics of Lanas Valeria di Roma Starwashi are:

Each ball contains 40 grams of weight and 104 meters of length. Its thickness is recommended for knitting with knitting needles or crochet hooks of 4.5 to 5 mm. With 1 ball you can work 1 sponge. To make a 10 x 10 cm square using a 4.5 mm knitting needle, you must mount 18 stitches and work 28 laps. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm using 4.5 mm crochet hook, mount 19 lows and work 19 laps. It is a wool suitable for machine washing at maximum 60ºC. It is not suitable for ironing. Machine drying is not recommended. It is manufactured in Spain. Its fibers have a shiny finish that adds a beautiful touch to your work. Both the cheerful colors of this range and its texture offer unique results, ideal for daily use or to decorate the home. Landes Valeria di Roma Starwashi has fibers that will help you exfoliate the skin and provide good hygiene. They are designed for it, so there is no problem in wetting it again and again, with hot or cold water.Starwashi by Valeria Lanas Special spinning ball for knitting household utensils, such as sponges, kitchen rags and Christmas decoration

50 Grams, 100% Polyester, Needles 4.5 - 5, Crochet 4.5, 104 Meters

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