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Wool Valeria di Roma TAPE

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3,5 for every ball

Valeria di Roma skein tape tape felted

Lanas Valeria di Roma Tape

It is a ball of felt ribbon to weave accessories such as bags, hats, pareos, and informal garments. It is a ball of velvety ribbon imitating ideal skin to make bags, hats, pendants, bracelets, and other accessories. This spinning is indicated to replace the trapillo when you need it to be lighter and not weigh so much. Lanas Valeria di Roma Tape is a fairly thick flat ribbon ideal for knitting household chores and accessories such as bags, rugs, curtains, baskets, etc. This yarn is also very nice to crochet or knit your shirts and summer jackets. It is possible to work with different measures of needle, recommending using needles for point from 8 mm to 12 mm or crochet of the same measures, from 8 mm to 10 mm.

The composition of Lanas Valeria di Roma Tape is:

70% polyester 30% viscose. The viscose brings a lot of softness and sponge to the spinning and also lightness and freshness, making your clothes weigh hardly anything and be easy and light to use. Weaving a work with this thread will give it a totally different and special look.

The characteristics of Lanas Valeria di Roma Tape are:

They are presented in balls of 50 grams in weight and 110 meters in length. You can work with needles from the nº 8-9 knit and with 8 crochet needles according to the garment uqe you want to work. It is suitable for washing up to 30ºC maximum. Dry on a horizontal surface so that the fabric is not damaged. It can be ironed up to 110ºC. It is advisable to steam iron. Lanas Valeria di Roma Tape offers us this range of threads in different colors, with an appearance of fine, very original cloth, made of a mixture of fibers that give it softness and a beautiful texture. It is recommended to weave tasks such as bags, home decorations, amigurumis, and more accessories and accessories.Tape Valeria di Roma skein of felted knitting ribbon accessories such as handbags, hats, sarongs, and casual wear.

50 grammes, 70% polyester, 30% viscose, aiguilles 8 et 9, Crochet 9, 110 Mètres

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