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Wool Oso Blanco MAGIA

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4,5 for every ball

Magic White Bear curled hairy silk

White Bear Magic

It is a ball with very long silk hairs and a stretch of separation between them. It is a ball of hair with colored silk on a black background, ideal for scarves, stoles collars and also for jerseys and unique and different jackets. It is a silk-like yarn with short, patterned hair and very pleasant to the touch. The polyester gives an extra soft touch to the garments that look like silky touch.

The composition of White Bear Magic is:

100% polyester In the field of the textile industry, it is called fiber or textile fiber to the set of filaments or threads capable of being used to form yarns (and of these fabrics), either by spinning, or by other physical or chemical processes. Thus, fiber is the basic structure of textile materials. Textile fiber is any material whose length is much greater than its diameter and which can be spun. In the manufacture of the yarn for textiles -both fabrics and nonwovens-, two types of fiber can be used: Short fiber: strands up to 6 cm in length. The longer and finer it is considered to be of higher quality. Filament: continuous strands. The high quality filament is softer and more resistant. Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made from the chemicals used by Carothers and his team in the fundamental research on high polymers that was carried out at Du Pont. Du Pont developed an acrylic fiber in 1944 and started commercial production of them in 1950. He was given the commercial name of Orlon.

The characteristics of White Bear Magic are:

They are 50 gr balls. made of polyester yarn that gives extra softness to your garments. You can work with Needles 8 - 9. For an adult scarf it is recommended to use 3 balls of Deseo if you want to keep it in a medium size. It can be washed in the washing machine at not very high temperatures. They should be laid on a horizontal surface so that the garment does not spoil. Iron at not very high temperature.Magic Oso Blanco ball with hairs very long silk CONUN stretch of separation between them

50 Grams 100% Polyester needles 8-9 200 Meters

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