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Laine Schachenmayr BRAVO TWEED

10,5 pour chaque balle

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10,5 pour chaque balle

Tweed Schachenmayr Bravo Big écheveau avec mota

Bravo Tweed of Schachenmayr

It is a big ball with motes to knit sweaters for men and women. It is a wool from the line of classics of this brand that offers you to weave all kinds of projects; jerseys, coats, scarves, collars, hats, blankets and an infinity of creations in your favorite color thanks to the different colors that it offers you With a ball you can knit a size S sweater with long sleeves.

The composition of the Schachenmayr Bravo wool is:

Tweed cleats: 97% Acrylic 3% Viscose. The difference of these compositions is due to the small specks of colors contained in the wool with tweed effect. These fibers offer high quality fabrics, very resistant and durable, with easy wool care. In addition, its final finish feels very similar to that of natural wool. Synthetic fiber is a textile fiber that comes from various petroleum products.1? Artificial fibers are not synthetic, they come from natural materials, basically cellulose. Sometimes the term "chemical fibers" is used to refer to artificial and synthetic fibers as a whole, as opposed to natural fibers. In the field of the textile industry, it is called fiber or textile fiber to the set of filaments or threads capable of being used to form yarns (and of these fabrics), either by spinning, or by other physical or chemical processes. Thus, fiber is the basic structure of textile materials.

The characteristics of the Bravo Tweed wool are:

Each ball contains 200 grams and 532 meters in length. Its thickness is perfect for working with knitting needles of 3-4 mm or with crochet hooks of No. 3. To knit 1 cap or 1 scarf you only need 1 ball, 200 grams. It is suitable for washing in the washing machine up to 40ºC maximum. It can be dried in a dryer always at a low temperature. It is not suitable for ironing. Steam ironing is recommended. It is perfect for knitting clothes, accessories and accessories such as granny square blankets or other techniques.Schachenmayr Bravo tweed moucheté grand chandails tricot écheveau hommes et femmes de

200 grammes, 97% acrylique, 3% viscose, aiguilles 3-4, ganchillo 3,5, 532 mètres

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