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capelli lunghi Can -Can Katia Yarn palla di lana

capelli lunghi Can -Can Katia Filati palla di lana e ideale per toreri stole. Can-Can of Lanas Katia wool ball with a lot of hair ideal for bullfights and stoles.

Ball of wool Can-Can

suitable for cuffs, neck and hems of a cardigan or sweater, you have several colors and another type of wool with different softness and touch finishing. Wool with hair for greater softness in 100% polyamide, soft touch and ideal for collars and cuffs of cardigans and sweaters for a very glamorous touch.

The composition of Can Can by Lanas Katia is:

Composition 100% Polyamide ,.

The characteristics of Can Can de Lanas Katia are:

  Each ball of Can-Can has a weight of 50g and a length of 44m. this quality is worked with needles of 6 - 5½, and are in various colors.   Dry wash at temperatures not too high, avoid twisting when you go to lay them horizontally and the iron is not too hot. For a stole you will need from 4 balls....

50 grammi 100% Poliestere aghi 5,5-6 metri 44

Utilizzare le frecce su-giù che si trovano in ogni colore per aggiungere o rimuovere le unità. Quindi fare clic sul pulsante sul carrello.