Pirouette by DMC large ball of printed wick


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Wool DMC Pirouette

DMC Pirouette wool is a multicolored printed wicker wool perfect for any garment for both young and old. It comes in 200 gram and 500 metre balls, a great length for working on your tasks. Each ball mixes an infinite number of different colours, with graded tone jumps so your project will have a very natural colour transition.

The composition of the DMC Pirouette Wool is

100% Acrylic. Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made from acrylonitrile, from which it derives its generic name. Acrylonitrile was first obtained in Germany in 1893. It was one of the chemicals used by Carothers and its team in the fundamental research on high polymers carried out at Du Pont. Du Pont developed an acrylic fibre in 1944 and started commercial production in 1950. He was given the trade name Orlon. Jersey, challis and other fine fabrics can be reproduced with acrylic fibres. The cost of fabrics and garments made from acrylic fibres is similar to good quality wool, but they are particularly suitable for people who are allergic to wool. The first acrylic fibres produced pilling and the garments stretched and bagged (instead of shrinking, like wool) but these problems were solved by using appropriate structures in the yarns and fabric. Acrylics can be ironed, they also have the ability to develop latent shrinkage potential and retain it indefinitely at room temperature. This acrylic wool is composed of a single strand of thin fibers perfectly twisted together. The result is a soft, polished and very pleasant fabric on the skin.

The characteristics of Wool DMC Pirouette are:

Each ball contains 200 grams in weight and 500 meters in length. It can be knitted with 5 mm knitting needles or 5 mm crochet. To make a 10 x 10 cm square, mount 18 points and work 24 turns. To knit a size 40 sweater you will need 2 balls. It is a wool suitable for machine washing at a maximum of 40ºC. It is suitable for low temperature ironing. It is not suitable for dryer use. It is recommended to dry horizontally without stretching. Since it comes in a large format, you will need very few balls to weave your work. With this wool you will be able to weave coats, warm and happy sweaters, chadquetas, blankets and shawls for autumn and winter. Use it to weave great-looking clothing and accessories for children and adults.Pirouette by DMC large ball of printed wick
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200 Grams, 100% Acrylic, Needles 5 - 6, Crochet 5, 500 Meters

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