Air Lux Katia Yarn skein of wool with silk


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Lanas Katia s Air Lux is a wool blend with shiny silk for fine and elegant garments. Katia Air Lux is a wool grade with a mixture of viscose and superfine merino wool. Due to its glossy finish it is ideal for garments such as shawls, ponchos, collars, sweaters, jackets and bags. Air Lux of wool Katia contains a large percentage of viscose and this brings an incredible shine to your creations. You can have a wide range of metallic colors to choose the ideal for your work according to the occasion you need it.  To weave tasks such as jerseys, shawls, scarves, collars and many more creations, you can use this precious quality with a touch of hair that makes it delicate, glamorous and elegant. All your creations will be perfect and you will be the target of attention at parties and events with Lanas Katia s Air Lux.

The Katia Air Lux wool composition is:

70% Viscose 30% Merino Extrafine Viscose is a spinning that adds softness and a bright touch to the wool. The superfine merino wool provides warmth, finesse and delicacy, which makes it a very silky wool with a point of very soft hair and pleasant to the touch.

Each ball of Katia Air Lux contains:

Each ball contains 50 grams of wool and measures 300 meters in length .. Its thickness is ideal for knitting with 3 - 3½ mm knitting needles and with 2 - 2½ mm crochet hooks. To knit a size 40 sweater with long sleeves you will need 5 balls since being so thin has a great performance. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, you must assemble 27 points and work 36 laps. Due to its high composition in extra-fine merino wool, we recommend washing it by hand so that it does not spoil and is perfectly preserved. It can be ironed with a little steam. Never stick the iron to the fabric. A beautiful quality to perform the most exquisite work and shelter you with style.
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70 % Viscose 50 grams 30 % wool Needles 3 - 3,5

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