katia butterfly - new - Ref. 82
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Lanas Katia Butterfly ball of multicolored yarn
katia butterfly - new - Ref. 82


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Lanas Katia Butterfly

It is a ball of multicolored yarn composed of cotton and 50% acrylic. Lanas Katia Buterfly is a spring-summer yarn with mottled effect in different colors .. This soft yarn is specially designed to knit summer clothes for children and babies, although it is highly recommended to knit garments for any member of the family. It is ideal for knit or crochet tops, dresses, sweaters and any cool and comfortable work.

The composition of Lanas Katia Butterfly is:

50% Acrylic 50% Cotton Cotton is a vegetable textile fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant, a shrub of the genus Gossypium, belonging to the Malvaceae family, native to tropical and subtropical regions, there are different native species in America, Africa or India The word cotton derives from the Arabic ??? (al) qutn. Cotton is the most important natural fiber produced in the world, its importance began in the nineteenth century with the process of industrialization and today still accounts for almost half of the world consumption of textile fibers. Not all species of the genus Gossypium have commercial value, the fibers are obtained from the seed of a few species, the length and thickness of the fiber depend on its origin. The mixture of these fibers creates a soft, light and fresh fabric. Cotton is in charge of the softness and freshness of this thread and, the acrylic gives it the necessary resistance so that your work remains in good condition despite the use and washing. Its strand is made up of a knit woven in tubular form, which makes it a fluffy and comfortable thread.

The characteristics of Lanas Katia Butterfly are:

Each ball is composed of 50 grams of weight and 115 meters of length. Its thickness is recommended for knitting with knitting needles of 4 - 4.5 mm or with a 3.5 mm crochet hook. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm mount 18 points and work 22 laps. It is a machine washable thread at maximum 30ºC with short spin. It is suitable for ironing at a maximum of 110ºC. The use of the dryer is not recommended. Horizontal drying without tender is recommended.Lanas Katia Butterfly ball of multicolored yarn
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50 Grams, 50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic, Needles 4 - 4.5, Crochet 4, 115 Meters,

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