Catena Merino Fine Wool Katia Concept Superwash


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Catena Merino Fine by Lanas Katia Concept

 It is a ball of extra-fine Merino Superwash wool, which, thanks to its composition and spinning, weave soft, lightweight and lightweight garments. The Concept by Katia line offers high-end wool, with excellent quality to work great tasks; comfortable, light and elegant. Catena Merino Fine is one of the wool of the Concept by Katia range, a very fine wool with which to weave different tasks. Its composition with high content of superfine superfine merino fiber makes it an incredibly soft wool.

The composition of Catena Merino Fine by Lanas Katia Concept is:

78% Merino Extrafine Superwash 22% Polyamide The fine merino fibers form the thread of this wool, which, like the material of its composition, is very thin, which will provide dense fabrics, and is also braided, forming a small spike that will bring a special touch to the work . In addition, it offers a wide variety of colors to choose from to create your work.

The characteristics of Katia Catena Merino Fine are:

Each ball of this wool is composed of 25 grams and 110 meters. It is perfect for working with 3 - 3½ mm knitting needles and 2½ - 3 mm crochet hooks. To knit a square of 10 x 10 cm you must mount 23 stitches and work 30 laps. To make a size 42 jersey you need 10 balls.  Perfect for working clothes for adults, children and babies. Jerseys, jackets, vests and many more jobs to keep you warm in winter. One of its advantages is the softness provided by the merino fiber, it also contains the Superwash treatment, which gives you the power to wash it with no problems, as long as you choose the delicate program option in your washing machine. It is a great advantage to be able to weave thousands of high quality work with natural fiber wool and be able to machine wash them without any problem. This wool is available in 20 different colors, most of them are pastel shades, beautiful colors for hand-woven baby or adult clothing. One of the wool that offers you great variety in color to choose the one you like the most.Catena Merino Fine of Wool Katia Concept is a ball of wool from Merino Superwash extrafine, thanks to its composition and spinning weave soft garments of great volume and light weight
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25 Grams, 78% Virgin Wool, 22% Polyamide, Needles 3 - 3,5, Crochet 3, 110 Meters.

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