katia mouton - Ref. 65
  • katia mouton - Ref. 65


Mouton de Lanas Katia ball moahir soft and thick
katia mouton - Ref. 65


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Katia Mouton's Wool

Katia Mouton wool is a soft and thick mohair ball, is an ideal wool to make all kinds of clothes and accessories and keep you warm on the coldest days of the year. This wool, composed mainly of acrylic and mohair, is very soft. Lanas Katia Mouton is a wool that mixes natural and synthetic fibers to obtain a wool similar to natural wool. With this wool, you can create clothes for your family, such as sweaters or vests and accessories such as scarves, hats, shawls, etc.

The composition of Katia Mouton wool is

52% acrylic 34% mohair 14% polyamide Mohair is the fibre from the hair of the Angora goat and a fretwork fabric made from this textile fibre, which is widely used in the manufacture of jackets and sweaters. Its main characteristics are softness and shine. The term mohair seems to derive from the Turkish word mukhya, meaning 'the best [fleece]' and the Arabic word mukhayyar, meaning 'a goat's hair cloth'. The main characteristic of the Angora goat is its hair or mohair, very similar to sheep's wool in chemical composition, but different in that it is more insulating, thinner and straighter, and more shiny. Mohair can be woven on a loom or used for knitting, is dyed with some ease and produces a firm, insulating, soft and shiny material. The fine hair of younger goats is used in clothing, but the hair of older animals is used for carpets and heavy fabrics for warm clothes. Mohair fibre can be mixed with wool to obtain high quality fabrics. The mixture of natural and synthetic fibres makes this yarn strong, warm and comfortable to wear. Despite its high acrylic content, this quality offers a similar appearance to natural wool, while polyamide makes this yarn strong and elastic.

The characteristics of Katia Mouton Wool are

Each ball contains 50 grams in weight and 75 meters in length. It can be worked with 7 to 8 mm knitting needles or with 8 to 9 mm crochet. To make a 10 x 10 cm square with 8 mm needles, you have to assemble 15 stitches and work 11 turns. To knit a long-sleeved sweater in size 40, you will need about 6 balls. Machine wash up to 30°C in a gentle cycle. Can be ironed at a low temperature. Not suitable for tumble drying.Mouton de Lanas Katia ball moahir soft and thick
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50 Gramm, 52% Acryl, 34% Mohair, 14% Polyamid, Nadeln 7 - 8, Häkeln 7, 75 Meter

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