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katia scuby soft - Ref. 309
  • katia scuby soft - Ref. 309


Scuby Soft by Lanas Katia ovillo cord silky
katia scuby soft - Ref. 309


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Katia Scuby Soft wool

It's a silky lace ball. Katia Scuby Soft wool is a polyester yarn with cord thread in a variety of plain colours for weaving home accessories and complements. Katia Scuby Soft wool is ideal for weaving cushions, baskets, bags and give a modern touch to your home. With Katia Scuby Soft wool you can do knitting, crochet and macramé. Its strand is composed of multiple strands woven together that form a thick and resistant strand. It is also silky to the touch, pleasant, polished and very durable. Two types of fibre can be used in the manufacture of yarn for textiles - both woven and non-woven: Short fibre: threads up to 6 cm in length. The longer and finer it is, the higher the quality. Filament: continuous strands. High quality filament is softer and more resistant. This thread is widely used for the production of colourful carpets mixing different shades.

The composition of Katia Scuby Soft wool is:

. 100% polyester The Scuby Soft drawstring is a very versatile thread, since you can use it to weave many accessories or rigid and full-bodied accessories, such as bowls, baskets for clothes, centerpieces, backpacks... Polyester is a category of elastomers that contains the functional group ester in its main chain. The polyesters that exist in nature are known since 1830, but the term polyester generally refers to synthetic polyesters (plastics), coming from heavy oil fractions... The best-known thermoplastic polyester is PET. PET is formed synthetically with ethylene glycol plus dimethyl terephthalate, producing the polymer or poltericoletane. As a result of the polymerization process, the fiber is obtained, which in its beginnings was the base for the elaboration of the threads to sew and that nowadays has multiple applications, as the manufacture of plastic bottles that previously were elaborated with PVC. It is obtained through the condensation of dioles (functional group dihydroxyl). Polyester resins (thermosetting) are also used as a matrix for the construction of equipment, anti-corrosion pipes and the manufacture of paints. To give greater mechanical resistance they are usually reinforced with shear, also called hardener or catalyst, without purifying. In the textile industry, fibre is the set of filaments or strands that can be used to form yarns (and from these the fabrics), either by spinning, or by other physical or chemical processes. Thus, fibre is the basic structure of textile materials. A textile fibre is any material whose length is much greater than its diameter and which can be spun.

The characteristics of Katia Scuby Soft wool are:

. Each ball contains 100 grams of weight and 80 meters of length. It can be knitted with knitting needles 5 - 6 mm or with crochet 5 mm. It is suitable for machine washing up to 40ºC temperature. Not suitable for tumble drying. Horizontal drying is recommended. It can be ironed at a moderate temperature, up to 110ºC approximately. One of its main qualities is its hardness and great resistance, suitable for machine washing. This thread has been specially manufactured for macramé work. Polyester is very resistant to humidity, chemical products and mechanical forces. It is used in the manufacture of fibers, sheet coverings, etc. Scuby Soft by Lanas Katia ovillo cord silky
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100 Grams, 100% Polyester, Needles 5 - 6, Crochet 6, 80 Meters

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