Lanas Mondial Coccola Ball of hair supersoft


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Lanas Mondial Coccola

Coccola is a wool Mondial It is a wool of super soft hair, very sweet and velvety touch that will be very useful to weave all kinds of garments, accessories, accessories, crafts ... and other projects. It is composed of microfiber 100% PL and has several models in smooth and gradient shades. Mondial Coccola is a super sweet and pleasant to the touch, as each ball of this wool of fine hair will be very comfortable to wear, soft and fluffy. It is ideal for knitting warm shawls, chubby sweaters, scarves or hairy necks, soft hats ... and many more garments and accessories, since this velvety wool will enchant you for all kinds of tasks.

The composition of Lanas Mondial Coccola is:

100% Microfiber PL The polyester microfibers that make up this wool are suitable for knitting all kinds of warm, comfortable and very nice to wear clothes. Microfiber is a type of very fine synthetic fiber with which a nonwoven fabric called, by extension, also microfiber is manufactured. It is composed mainly of polyester (about four fifths) and polyamide. The yarn obtained is ten times thinner than human hair, but only half as thick as silk. Its diameter is of the order of 10 microns. This wool is of high quality, resistant and durable. With it you can weave countless personalized projects, home accessories and accessories for all ages.

The characteristics of Lanas Mondial Coccola are:

Each skein contains 100 grams of weight and 65 meters of length approximately. You can use 8 - 9 mm needles both knit and crochet. To knit a 10 x 10 cm square with 8 mm knitting needles, you must assemble 10 stitches and work 12 laps. It can be machine washed, at a maximum recommended temperature of 30ºC. It is not suitable for ironing by machine. It is not suitable for dryer. It is recommended to dry horizontally without laying. To knit a women's long-sleeved sweater in size 40, you will need about 6 balls. It is available in different matte shades such as raw, camel, very light blue, rosewood, pink with antique nuances, black, brown, gray ... or a more striking color like red.Lanas Mondial Coccola Ball of hair supersoft

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100 Grams, 100% Microfiber PL, Needles 8 -9, Crochet 8, 65 Meters

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