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    Roses Crafts special ball of wool and gold
    e-puntexsa especial - Ref. 301


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    Special Crafts Pink Wool

    Especial de Rosas Crafts ball of wool and gold. DIVERSELY UNIQUE Collection ROSAS CRAFTS WOOLS It is a ball of wool mixed with acrylic and shiny metallic fiber specially designed for winter garments with a lot of glamor and elegance. This special mixture makes your work very soft and pleasant to the touch and the bright point gives a party air that will stand out in your garments. It can be used to knit from garments such as jerseys, dresses, jackets, ...

    The composition of Lanas Rosas Crafts Especial is:

    Special 75% Acrylic 20% Wool 5% metallic fiber.It is known as acrylic yarn that is manufactured from a synthetic fiber, in this case, acrylic fiber. It is a type of thread widely used in the production of bulky fabrics, also called bulky Wool is a natural fiber obtained from sheep (goats and mainly sheep), and other animals such as llamas, alpacas, guanacos, vicuñas or rabbits, through a process called shearing. It is used in the textile industry to make products such as bags, blankets, gloves, socks, sweaters, etc.Wool products are used mostly in cold areas because with their use body heat is maintained; This is due to the fiber nature of the material.

    The characteristics of Lanas Rosas Crafts Especial are:

    150m / 164yds approx · 50g · For 5.5mm needles ·Each ball contains 50 grams of weight and 150 meters in length. It can be knitted with the 5.5 mm knitting needles or the 4.5 mm crochet hook. To knit a long sleeves pull size 40 you will need 7 balls.It is suitable for machine washing at a maximum of 30ºC. It cannot be ironed. Not suitable for tumble drying. Horizontal drying is recommended. It is a basic wool composed of the best fibers that you can use in any work that you can think of.Roses Crafts special ball of wool and gold
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    50 Grams, 75% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 5% Metallic Fiber, Needles 5.5 - 6, Hook 6, 150 Meters

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