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    Lana Schachenmayr hotspot ball with pompon
    schachenmayr hotspot - Ref. 81


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    Schachenmayr hotspot

    It is a ball of wool with pompon incorporated to make snow caps.Schachenmayr Hotspot is a set composed of a ball of virgin wool and acrylic, a funny pompom to decorate your work, Schachenmayr hotspot are extra soft wool balls that contain a pompom to sew your work, which makes it ideal for knitting hats, scarves and other original accessories, both for children and adults. These balls offer a fluffy touch, due to its strand, composed of a fine woven mesh padded inside. This offers soft fabrics, very comfortable to wear. Ideal for all ages. Its color offers softly degraded shades, which when weaving will form softly striped fabrics in original mixtures and advisable for both the little ones and the elderly.Content of the set that makes up the Schachenmayr Hotspot wool: 1 Ball of wool of 100 grams. 1 Pompon.

    The composition of the Schachenmayr Hotspot wool is:

    20% Virgin wool 80% Acrylic. This combination of natural wool fiber with acrylic fiber offers resistant fabrics, very durable despite use and time, with an extra soft touch, very sweet to shelter you with your accessories.The wool offers thin fibers that, when weaving, will form an excellent insulator against the cold. In addition, it regulates body temperature, keeping you warm despite the cold outside. This is perfect to wrap your neck, head or hands with original accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves.

    The characteristics of Schachenmayr Hotspot are:

    Each ball contains 100 grams of weight and 100 meters of length. You can knit with 6 - 7 mm knitting needles or crochet hooks. You only need 1 ball to knit a hat. 2 balls are needed to weave a scarf or beak. To make a square of 10 x 10 cm, mount 9 points and work 14 laps. It is a wool recommended to wash by hand. It is suitable for ironing at low temperature, maximum 110ºC. It is not a wool suitable for the use of dryer. Horizontal drying is recommended. Ideal for experts and beginners alike. They are specially prepared for knitting hats, scarves, mittens, collars and beaks, decorated with an extra-soft pom-pom color.Schachenmayr Hotspot skein of wool with pompon built for snow caps
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    100 grams of 20% Virgin Wool 80% Acrylic Needles 6-7 Meters 100

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